Electrabel mobile website

Electrabel is the biggest Belgium-based energy corporation. It is a subsidiary of GDF Suez. 

In 2013, Electrabel gave Emakina the mission to simplify the access of their website for customers using mobile devices.

The main challenge was to identify all priority scenarios, in order to provide a real mobile experience, instead of a simple adapted version of the desktop experience.

Most of the existing information of the desktop site were reused for the public pages, while the majority of the components of the client space had to be created specifically for the mobile platform, to optimise mobile browsing and the access speed for the pages.

As lead designer on the project, I managed to provide a full User Interface set with a broad variety of components, all in a very limited period of time.
It was the first mobile website for an energy supplier in Belgium.

Creative fields:  UI/UX
Client:  GDF Suez / Electrabel
Agency: Emakina