Unilever food solutions

Unilever Food Solutions is a food service manufacturer from Unilever. The company delivers top-known brands such as Knorr, Hellmann’s, and Lipton to hotels, restaurants, businesses, schools, and independent operators in 74 countries. 

This contract was awarded to Emakina after a challenging competition between three agencies. Emakina received high marks for its strategic insights, creative input and technical capabilities. The collaboration encompasses 60 countries, structured in 22 multi-country organisations.

In the frame of this project, I worked as lead designer at Emakina Netherlands.
The challenge was to modernise the image of Unilever Food Solutions that would still be appealing to professionals, but also remain minimalistic and uncluttered to be understandable in each country where Unilever products are sold. The contract consists in a campaign spread over the next 4 years (website, mobile, newsletter, advertisement).

Creative fields: Art Direction, Responsive Design
Client:  Unilever Food Solutions
Agency: Emakina